Investing in Dominica’s Renewables: Sustainability Meets Profitability

Imagine Dominica. Not just as a picturesque island, but as a powerhouse of clean energy. Imagine our island turning sun, water, and geothermal sources into real profit, all while doing right by the planet. It is not just talk; it is happening. Let’s dive into how Dominica’s renewable scene is becoming a win-win for investors and Mother Nature alike. We will explore the real potential, the hurdles we need to jump, and why our Caribbean gem is positioned to be the next big thing in green investing.


Geographic Advantage and Renewable Potential

When you think of Dominica, it is natural that you picture lush rainforests. But nestled among that natural beauty are untapped resources given our average 217 days of annual sunny days, up to 300 inches of annual rainfall, and exceeding geothermal energy potential just waiting to be harnessed. Recent strides have seen solar panels pop up like sunflowers and geothermal vents promising a steamy revolution in energy complimenting the one-third of Dominica’s peak energy demand which is already being generated from water resources. Dominica is on the verge of generating 100 percent of its energy from renewable sources. It is not sci-fi; it is Dominica’s reality, gearing up to be an energy titan in a world craving clean power.


Government ministers and officials host a media visit ahead of the commencement of flow testing at the geothermal site.

Economic and Financial Incentives

Now, let us talk about the green in green energy. Investing in renewables is not just good for the earth. It is becoming a smart way to make one’s wallet happy, too. Dominica’s government is not just sitting back, they are rolling out the red carpet with incentives including duty and VAT relief, tax holidays, and more for those ready to dive into renewables.  Additionally, Dominica’s electricity rates promise to be reduced by up to 30% once geothermal generation comes online in 2024/25. Investors around the globe are catching on and they are setting their sights on long-term gains in going green.

Environmental Impact and Global Alignment

Going green is not just a local affair. It is about joining a global movement. By investing in renewable energy, Dominica is taking a stand against climate change and aligning itself with global goals that matter to everyone, no matter where you call home. On the fringes of COP28 in December 20223, the government of Dominica signed an agreement for the development of a geothermal power plant giving further thrust to the creation of a legacy of clean, sustainable power that future generations can be proud of. That legacy can unlock a myriad of downstream industries, the impacts of which can ripple through the value chains of any of Dominica’s four key sectors, and being a part of something bigger that helps the planet and future generations is certainly the kind of story we all want to tell.

Dominica’s geothermal site, nestled in the heights of the Roseau Valley.

Challenges and Market Stability

Sure, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Transitioning to renewables has its hurdles—infrastructure upgrades, upfront costs, and navigating the regulatory maze, but Dominica is already making strides to smooth out these bumps. By improving policies and strengthening the grid, the island is not just overcoming these challenges but is setting a benchmark for others to follow. We are engaged in building a stable, reliable market that investors can trust, knowing full well that stability is gold in the investment world. In April of 2023, Dominica went even further with the signing of a Framework Agreement that will initiate the first large-scale green hydrogen geothermal development in the Caribbean, a material step taken to focus on monetizing the island’s significant geothermal resources on a large scale, through the generation of green hydrogen and green electricity both for export and local consumption. This is the signal that we are in this for the long haul and are committed to ensuring the viability of the renewables sector.

Dominica’s leap into renewable energy isn’t just an investment opportunity; it’s a call to be part of a transformative journey toward sustainability and profitability. Our Nature Isle is setting the stage for a greener future, blending environmental stewardship with economic growth. As investors and global citizens, the chance to contribute to this island’s renewable revolution is not just a smart financial move but a step towards a more sustainable world. Are you ready to join the journey?

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Invest Dominica Authority team members were treated to a tour of the geothermal site during flow testing.