Dominica’s Highly Educated, English-speaking Workforce is Perfect for the Knowledge Services Industry

Companies in the knowledge services sector have access to an affordable English-speaking and educated workforce located in Eastern Standard Time (the same time zone as New York City, Washington DC, Miami, and Toronto). Engaging a remote workforce is a sustainable solution for managing business operations. Dominica has the talent companies need to go virtual with their HR, finance, technical, legal support, and customer service departments.


Dominica has a ready workforce with the skills and aptitude that are essential to business success, and particularly beneficial for the knowledge services and tourism sectors. Our population is highly educated with a 95% literacy rate. English is the official language, with a slight Caribbean accent, and there is a strong cultural affinity with the North America and Europe. It’s common to find people who are also fluent in Spanish and French as well, creating numerous opportunities for outsourcing aspects of operations to Dominica. 


Underground Eastern and Southern Caribbean Fibre Network Systems

The Country Boast of 94% Literacy Rate

Highly Multilingual Populace

Average Wages are $4.5 USD Per Hour



Such Services Include:

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • Banking, Credit, and Securities Transactions
  • Technical Documentation
  • Education and Training (e-learning)

    Such Services Include:

  • E-marketing of local products
  • Tourism (to address important foreign sales markets)

  • Software development and design
  • App development

    Companies involved in ICT sector and non-tourism related services may qualify for various incentives under the prescribed legislature. The Government of Dominica offers a very generous fiscal incentive package for investment in these areas, that includes:

    • Tax holiday for up to 15 years
    • 100% of profit repatriation
    • Import Duty exemptions on equipment, and machinery
    • Import duty exemption on office furniture, and furnishings
    • Exemption of Value-Added Tax (VAT) on the importation of capital items up to the commencement of taxable activity
    • Facilitated work permits for management
    • Exemption from the payment of withholding tax on selected external payments 
    • Exemption from payment of income tax on profits and dividends during a tax holiday.
    • Carrying over of losses incurred during a tax holiday, after the cessation of the tax holiday.