The “Nature Island” of the Caribbean - Dominica is an Emerging Leader in Sustainability and Ripe for Ecotourism Investment

Ecotourism is a lifestyle choice, and Dominica – with its pristine rainforests and coastlines, waterfalls and hot springs, abundant plant, and animal life above and below the water – is exactly what eco conscious people are looking for in a Caribbean vacation. The US, Europe, and the Caribbean are key source markets for most visitors who come to experience Dominica’s unique tourism product firsthand.

Dominica’s rich and unique culture has been packaged as a tourism attraction. Various festivals are organized annually, with the anchor festival the World Creole Music Festival being held during the period October/November.

Annually tourist expenditure contributes more than US$73 million dollars to the economy. Furthermore, tourism generates a significant percentage of Dominica’s total foreign exchange.


Second Largest Boiling Lake In The World

World Heritage Site Featuring Lakes, Hot Springs, And Volcanoes - Morne Trois Pitons National Park

Sustainable Environment- Over 66% Of The Island Is Covered In Forest, 20% Is Protected By Law.

Rated Top 5 Dive Destinations In The World

Home To The Indigenous People- Kalinago



Hotel and resort developers can get in on the building groundswell of interest in Dominica by constructing visitor accommodations that are environmentally friendly, and exceptional in the service and experience such as:

  • Boutique hotels
  • Eco- resorts & villas
  • Lodges

    As part of efforts to diversify and expand Dominica’s product offering, opportunities exist to provide complementary tourism services in areas such as:

  • Fine dining restaurants
  • Adventure tourism
  • Duty free shopping
  • Sports tourism
  • Medical Tourism
  • Film and Entertainment
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Part 2 & 3 were filmed in various locations on the Island.


    A site on Prince Rupert Bay on the northern part of the island has 60 acres of land that has been earmarked by the government for marina development with the possibility of a Public Private Partnership. This sheltered bay attracts hundreds of yachts each year and has additional real estate further inland to support villa and condo development.


    The availability of natural, underground hot water sources makes Dominica ready for future investment in spas and there are multiple privately owned sulphur spas in the country. The island boasts of an abundance of herbs used in medical research and other plants for the productions of healing oils and teas which can be used in spas as well.


    The island’s pristine environment, its unspoilt eco-systems, its rich biodiversity, its World Heritage status for its Morne Trois Pitons National Park and the efforts at conservation, provide Dominica with the ideal platform to develop bio parks.


    The government of Dominica fully supports all tourism investments and has backed up their commitment with incentives being made available for the development and expansion of:

    • Duty-free importation of all building materials, fixtures, and fittings
    • Duty free importation of articles of hotel, furnishings, equipment, appliances, and operations vehicle
    • Exemption from payment of VAT on capital imports up to the commencement of taxable activity
    • Exemption from payment of corporate income tax
    • Unencumbered 100% profit repatriation
    • Exemption from the payment of withholding tax on relevant external payments
    • Duty-free importation of equipment and furnishings required for cosmetic and spa services

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