Air Access and Investment

Traditionally, improved air access has always been associated with increased tourism arrival. While this is correct, the impact of increased access on investment has also been somewhat understated. Air and sea transport is a necessity for foreign direct investment. Investors need the assurance that they can travel seamlessly to the destinations where they have invested. Many businesses also require regular networking with partners, clients, corporate offices and technical support departments and these require regular travel by executives and key staff. Over the years, Dominica’s air access team has worked tirelessly to increase flights and new airlines to the destination. The recent signing of a contract to begin construction work of an international airport, has positioned the island to prepare for direct flight to and from international destinations.

In December 2021, the island welcomed the inaugural flight of American Airlines as it made its first landing in Dominica direct from Miami, Florida. Invest Dominica Authority shared in the joy expressed by the nation on this momentous occasion. With the United States identified as a key source market to target sustainable investment, the immediate access to 43 US cities is extremely welcoming. With travel on the rise, international tradeshows and expositions back and a return to physical road shows and site visits, the Authority has never been more ready to engage and meet with potential investors in North America. We can safely say that there is no better time to review business opportunities and to invest in the Nature Island than now.