Why choose Dominica
for Business Process

Why choose Dominica
for Business Process

There are a number of reasons why Dominica is emerging as a leader for Business Process Outsourcing, not the least of which is the proven success tracked by Invest Dominica. 
There are a number of reasons why Dominica is emerging as a leader for Business Process Outsourcing, not the least of which is the proven success tracked by Invest Dominica. 

Dominica is a small Eastern Caribbean Island with excellent access to internet and telecommunications, our human resource is affordable with excellent English and multilingual skills. We have the talent to support varying business processes such as finance and accounting, technical documentation, banking, credit and securities transactions.

As a BPO destination, Dominica is a strong choice not only in the region but the globe. Locally, we have already established successful outsourcing for North American companies. Our advances in renewable energy, and our focus on resilience are two key factors which set us apart for investors.

In BPO, it’s our talent pool and proven success that make us stand out.

Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing
with Invest Dominica

There are many tangible benefits to BPO, one of the clearest benefits being financial. Shifting non-critical job functions to an external party with a different wage structure, which may be another business or a country like Dominica, can help reduce cost.

There is also a competitive advantage gained from improved flexibility, as your processes may be streamlined for efficiency. It’s been proven that engaging a remote workforce like ours can be a sustainable solution for managing business operations.

Finally, our workforce is located in Eastern Standard Time, the same time zone as many major cities such as New York City, Washington DC, Miami, and Toronto. If you’re considering expansion to the Caribbean region and Latin America, partnering with Dominica is also an excellent starting point.

Which Business Processes Graphic

Which Business Processes are Most Suitable for Outsourcing?

Which Business Processes Graphic
There are a number of businesses processes that are excellent candidates for outsourcing, especially with Invest Dominica.

We recommend administrative functions such as accounting, technical documentation, human resources, procurement and logistics, banking, credit, and securities transactions, education and training (e-learning), e-marketing, digital solutions such as software development and design, app development.

Outsourcing functions like these ensures that your organization can focus on core competencies.

Important Factors
to consider with
Business Process
Outsourcing to

Factors to Consider Graphc

Talent Pool

Dominica is a leading source of talent. The country has an educated and enthusiastic populace with a 95% literacy rate, gentle Caribbean neutral accent and multi lingual multilingual resources. Our wages are competitive and we have a low churn rate due to less competition. We check the box for business continuity and for potential reduced future costs per agent as your operation expands.


Dominica also has strong and reliable internet connectivity to support your business. You don’t need to worry about how a power shortage or lack of access will affect your back office – you can depend on the strong national telecoms structure to support your local talent.

Proven Success

Invest Dominica is committed to supporting you and consistently tracks success in this sector. We can provide quantifiable benchmarks from previous investment projects, and connect potential investors with any resources required. We are ready to work with you to bring your back office to fruition.


Dominica’s rich natural landscape and resources come paired with a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We continue to make advancements in Renewable Energy and keen investors will see significant long-term prospects in this.

Fiscal incentives
offered by the
Government of

Your company may qualify for incentive packages offered by the Government of Dominica.
Fiscal Incentives Graphic

We can assist you with learning more. Companies involved in the ICT sector and non-tourism related services may qualify for various incentives under the prescribed legislation. The Government of Dominica offers generous packages for investment in these areas, which include:

  • Tax holiday for up to 15 years
  • 100% of profit repatriation
  • Import duty exemptions on equipment, and machinery
  • Import duty exemptions on office furniture, and furnishings
  • Exemption of Value-Added Tax (VAT) on the importation of capital items up to commencement of taxable activity
  • Facilitated work permits for management
  • Exemption from the payment of withholding tax on selected external payments
  • Exemption from payment of income tax on profits and dividends during a tax holiday.
  • Carrying over of losses incurred during a tax holiday, after the cessation of the tax holiday.

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